Volunteers for Teaching and Activities

Being an entirely non-profit organization, Shiksha Amrit Foundation is always in the quest of remarkable teachers who are willing to volunteer happily for our organization. We ensure that any involvement is appreciated thoroughly. Anyone who feels competent enough can be considered as a volunteer to serve a common good. We also consider participation in any form viable as long as it is serving for our common mission of educating everyone from our country.

Volunteers for development activity

Shiksha Amrit welcomes and urges eminent experts in the field of self-defence, health awareness, environmental education, sports and arts to provide voluntary services for our cause. Your investment of time can give a better future to our kids.

Technology and Research

Shiksha Amrit also believes that along with quality education, the advancements in technology and research today is something that everyone must know. We ensure that our excellent educators are building a shelter which not only educates our students with theoretical knowledge but their exposure to practical technologies, and applications are as good as any other children visiting an esteemed institution for the same. Maximizing our resources is a must to promote the same, and we want you all to support these mission of ours with whatever you can so that technological knowledge is imparted to every student we teach. At Shiksha Amrit, we are always open to collaborating with individuals pursuing Bachelors in Social Work (BSW), Masters in Social Work (MSW), University Research Fellows, Ph.D.Scholars.

Equipment and Infrastructure

The need for equipment and infrastructure in line to successfully run a non-profit education center is also of utmost importance. There will be inefficiency if we ourselves are lacking behind in infrastructure and other modern equipment which aids in the effective operation of an educational institution. Shiksha Amrit Foundation salutes those souls who come in with their helping hand and helps the organization nurture its vision.

Help us continue to reach more children with safety, support and recovery

Help us reach more children to make them educated and self-reliant. Every year, your generosity helps many children improve their health, education and goals though us. With your helping hand, they reach out to future with confidence, hope and dreams.