Shiksha Amrit focuses on nurturing social and economic thoughts within down-trodden urban slums and low-income group communities. We intend to gain the rights that underprivileged children must deserve. Along with that, we also believe that women empowerment today is of utmost importance. We will do what it takes to achieve this vision of ours to support our beneficiaries to achieve their dreams and help them become self-reliant.

Since our inception, our principal goal has forever been around proper education, and health care to the ones from the impoverished communities, but holds the potential of a transcendent good. We wish to succeed in this endeavour of ours by a proper awakening within the society.


We wish to serve as a gateway and channel rather than a just a helping hand. Over what we have come across so far, we believe that in line to empower the children, they must take equal part for effective social transformation of their community. Hence, our effort is always going to be about helping them to remain consistent and progressive.

Wherever we serve, our units will be known for making people realize the legitimate need of education. Nutrition, environment protection and how it directly affects the growth of the society.

We will always be involved with counselling and motivating children, teenagers, young adults and families in slum communities so that they could rise up to take their rightful place in the world.

We will always remain steadfast on issues relating to women and girl child empowerment with consistent planning and monitoring of our social, economic and skill development initiatives

Our outreach programmes will go beyond spreading awareness but will result in the active involvement of all stakeholders of the community be it kids, families, or individuals. The   community building initiatives spearheaded by us will always have acute focus on Health, Hygiene and Environment Protection.

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